4 Unique Finishes for Porcelain Slabs in Toronto Homes

Despite the popularity of natural stones such as marble and granite, there are some truly unique porcelain slabs in Toronto showrooms that will have you considering new possibilities. Although most buyers seek neutral and natural choices for features such as backsplashes and countertops, there are options for those looking to make more of a statement.

Porcelain Wood

Yes, you read that correctly. Today, porcelain can be engineered and manufactured to mimic the appearance of a glistening hardwood floors. This is ideal for those who love the look of natural wood, but prefer something easier to maintain and more durable. It can also be used for a butcher block-style countertop without the worries of scratches and the possibility of bacteria harbouring on the surface.

Porcelain Metal

For contemporary minimalists, metal accents give a space a sleek quality that exudes luxury and sophistication. Porcelain slabs can also be finished with a glazed, subtle metallic sheen that allows the light to reflect and shimmer off its surface—similar to a sheet of weathered metal. Whether it’s a smooth steel grey or a speckled copper, a metal porcelain slab can be an eye-catching addition to any kitchen or contemporary living space.

Porcelain Marble

For those who love that timeless look of marble, but not the time-consuming upkeep it requires, you may want to consider porcelain slabs designed to look like marble. The technology used to manufacture porcelain has dramatically improved over the last few years, resulting in beautiful alternatives to traditional choices. In addition to that classic marbled look, it is available in a number of colours that may be out of your budget when it comes to the real-deal.

Textile and Patterned Porcelain

Through the use of high-end ink jet printing, porcelain can also be finished with patterns that mimic the qualities of fabric and textiles. This is an interesting option for those who really want something different. Whether it’s subtle striations or full-on animal print, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to porcelain slabs.
If you are interested in finding out all the available options of porcelain slabs in Toronto, visit your local showroom and ask the distributor what products are currently on the market. Bringing along chosen paint colours, fabrics and pictures of the furniture can help sales experts direct you to products that will help enhance your décor vision. While in some cases, a neutral stone is the best choice, there are occasions where a bold feature can add the right amount of impact and drama to your home.